About Us

Hello! My name is Hannah Mary and I am the owner and creator behind Old 831 Brand. I am a born and raised Santa Cruz-ian trying to create something unique in a space filled with what seems to be the same old same old.

Old 831 Brand was started in the summer of 2015 as an accident (the best happy accident), when I designed a shirt for some friends and family but soon realized it could be so much more. As I transitioned from made-to-order shirts to a full brand, I have strived to stay true to myself and my home. My goal with every piece is to represent the true Santa Cruz: classic, laid-back, and comfortable, with a good adventure always on the horizon.

I am often asked "So what company owns this?" or "Who runs this?". Well, the answer is me, my dog for moral support, sometimes my mom (appreciate you!), and a trusted local screen printing shop (support local when you can!). For the last 6 years I have grown this brand baby step by baby step into what it is today, the ultimate passion project. 

You won't find tourist-y gimmicks or corporate greed here, just me, trying to share my art with the world. I hope you find your new favorite shirt here!

Keep It Rad my dudes.